Like The Wind Contributor - Roy BelchamberI first picked up a camera more than 30 years ago, when I was still just a kid. Ignoring the Kodak instamatic borrowed from my parents, my first “proper” camera was a hand-me-down Konica S2 rangefinder. I think it originally belonged to my grandfather in the late 60s. I shot with it until it finally gave up the ghost. It felt great to use this camera at a time when Kodak was foisting the horrible disc film cameras on the public!

Along the way have been numerous cameras and tens, no… hundreds of thousands of photos. Shot on a variety of cameras, some of which I wish I still had, some of which I am glad I do not!

My first experience with digital photography was using a Canon G2, maybe 10 years ago. I currently shoot with a Canon 1DX with Canon L series and Zeiss lenses. The Fuji X100 is the pocketable, go anywhere companion.

What can I say? I like taking photos! It makes me happy.


Twitter: @RoyBelchamber