You may have spotted that Like the Wind has reached its 26th issue and we thought that seeing as 26.2 is a significant number for marathon runners, we’d honour this milestone by adding something extra to the usual magazine.

Point Two is an free mini-broadsheet – just for subscribers – full of stories that celebrate the marathon. There are tales of triumph, tragedy, stubbornness and success. The regular 120-page journal plus the limited-edition supplement will be sent to all our subscribers from 3 December (that is to all our quarterly- and annual-subscribers plus any new subscribers while stock of the supplement is available).

To whet your appetite for Point Two here is a preview;

In ‘The Marathon Tales’, we follow some of our contributors the marathons around the globe visiting London, New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt and Boston. Kate Carter looks at the position of women in the marathon – its pains, controversies and battles fought and won. Brian Metzler tells the story of marathon footwear innovation through five iconic shoes. And our small team (Simon, Imogen, Julie and Alex) each tell their own marathon tale.

A 24-pages broadsheet designed by Like the Wind co-founder and art director Julie Freeman, this supplement features illustrations by Ciaran Murphy, Grace Russel and Andy Carter.

If you are a marathoner or aiming to be one – or you are simply interested in what makes it such an iconic distance – you won’t want to miss out on this special supplement. You can subscribe here to get LtW#26.2 now.