Like the Wind Magazine for Retail Partners

Like the Wind is a 10-year old independent magazine dedicated to exploring the culture, history and social issues endemic to the world of running. Four times a year we fill the pages with longform stories about running paired with beautiful illustrations and photography. You’ll find words and images that will move and motivate your customers and their communities. While Like the Wind is always packed with thoughtful content, we are committed to landing lightly on the planet: each issue is printed on sustainable paper by a printer with the highest environmental accreditations.
For retail partners interested in offering inspiring stories to their run communities, we encourage you to stock your shop with Like the Wind magazine. We provide wholesale pricing on 5-packs of the magazine. Click here to order now. Help spread awareness of Like the Wind and support our brand mission to inspire a global community of like-minded runners who believe in the power of putting one foot in front of the other.
Your customers will value, savor and share Like the Wind. Click here to browse some of our past stories.
2024 Publishing Calendar
  • LtW #39 Ship-ready late Feb.・Pre-sale late Feb.・Delivers Mar.
  • LtW #40 Ship-ready late Feb.・Pre-sale late Feb.・Delivers Mar.
  • LtW #41 Ship-ready late May・Pre-sale late May・Delivers Jun.
  • LtW #42 Ship-ready late Aug.・Pre-sale late Aug.・Delivers Sep.
  • LtW #43 Ship-ready late Nov.・Pre-sale late Nov.・Delivers Dec.
  • Wholesale: $40 for 5 copies
  • MSPR: $16 per copy
Ordering and reordering
  • Minimum 5 copies
  • Shipped directly to your location
Other benefits
  • The option to share LtW story content and images in your store marketing
  • The opportunity to have your store featured on the LtW website and social feeds

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