Brand Profile: Tracksmith

Introduction: Tracksmith was co-founded in 2014 by Matt Taylor in Boston, MA which is the city it still calls home. As a brand, Tracksmith has one of the most recognisable design aesthetics in running, rooted in the ethos of the amateur athlete and the brand’s New England home. Soon after launching, Tracksmith opened it’s first […]

Brand Profile: Ciele

Introduction: Ciele is a brand that started at the top by designing and manufacturing running headwear – caps specifically. The brand says that they are pacing themselves. But whatever the case may be, the caps coming out of their headquarters in Montreal, Canada have really flipped the running world on its head [Sorry – couldn’t resist, ed] […]

The Story Behind the Brand: Janji

Introduction: Janji is a Boston, MA based running brand that aims to create great looking and extremely functional running apparel that not only becomes their customers’ favourite, but also has a positive impact on the world. The name is the Malaysian word meaning ‘promise’ and was chosen because the founders set up their business to expand access […]

Reinhard Kleist: An Olympic Dream

An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist – Introduction by Simon Freeman This story first appeared in issue #9 of Like the Wind Samia Yusuf Omar was born in Somalia in 1991, the first of six children. Born into poverty and part of one of the country’s minority ethnic groups, Samia had to overcome many barriers on the […]

Seba Vandermolen: Via PanAm

Words by Seba Vandermolen This story first appeared in Like the Wind #13 Belgian ultra-runners Weking Van Reeth and Sebastiaan Vandermolen decided to cross the American continent from north to south, with their wives following them in self-built 4×4 campers. Like the Wind caught up with them halfway through their journey in Panama City to […]