Gavin Boyter: Border Crossings

Border crossings Words and Photography by Gavin Boyter This story first appeared in issue #18 of Like the Wind On 13 May 2018 I became, briefly, an illegal immigrant in Romania. A stern and professionally displeased border patrol officer shook his head at my proffered British passport and sent me back the way I’d run. “No […]

Bob Becker: Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son Words by Imogen Lees and Bob Becker Photography by Alexis Berg “The experience was so emotional. I tend to be emotional anyway but this was way beyond that.” Most runners feel heightened emotions during a race, especially when we’re physically trying so hard to achieve our best. But when that physical […]

Marcus Ryder: What a difference a day makes (or, how I became an elite athlete for 24 hours)

Words by Marcus Ryder – Illustration by Natasha Smith This story first appeared in issue #16 of Like the Wind I love reading Like the Wind. Writing a piece in the magazine is a real honour because I see all of us reading Like the Wind as being part of a special community. I know […]

Tyler Tomasello: More than Sport

More than Sport Words and Photography by Tyler Tomasello This story first appeared in issue #17 of Like the Wind Many people only know of Afghanistan via the news or history books as a terrain that has faced centuries of war and conflict. But for me, Afghanistan is a country of immense natural beauty and a […]

James Dunn: Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I Words by James Dunn – Illustration by Grace Russell This story first appeared in issue #13 of Like the Wind. People ask why I prefer to run alone. The simple answer I usually give is that I prefer the quiet. The truth is somewhat different. The fact is I don’t run […]

Alexis Berg: Come Hell and High Water

Come Hell and High Water Words by Imogen Lees and Alexis Berg – Photography by Alexis Berg This story first appeared in issue #13 of Like the Wind One hundred miles… some say 130. A 60-hour time limit. Unmarked gnarly trails through some of Tennessee’s least hospitable terrain. The Barkley Marathons take competitors on an uncertain […]

Tom Le Lievre: Out Back and Up High

Out Back and Up High Words and photography by Tom Le Lievre This story first appeared in issue #14 of Like the Wind Naïvety Come on, I’m not a stupid Englishman. Australia doesn’t have snow and mountains.” My first response to hearing about Australia’s Alpine areas and ski resorts. I had spent my first two years Down […]

Jody Bailey: Setting the Stage

This story is from Like the Wind #16 – Words and Photography by Jody Bailey  For me, running photography is ever-evolving. As is the case for all artists and their own muse and mediums. When I start photographing running and runners, I have one aim; it is all about that perfect portrait. Tight crop. Perfectly even exposure. […]

Scott Partenheimer: Winning Streak

Featured in Like the Wind #8. Words by Scott Partenheimer – Illustration by Mark Frudd  Have you ever wondered about your running bucket list? What kind of running experiences do you want out of life before you ascend to the great trail in the sky? By the age of 33, I had tried every distance from […]