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You’ve got to have some nerve to take on The Speed Project, the legendary 340-mile [...]

Under African Skies

“Wear some woolies if you want.” For a morning run in Ethiopia? Pull the other one. Come [...]

Global Running Day: LtW Stories from Around the World

Like the Wind is published by a team dedicated to sharing meaningful storytelling about running. [...]

Running on Thin Ice

This is Swedish Lapland. Lying inside the Arctic Circle, it’s Europe’s last remaining wilderness and [...]

Run for Freedom

Nike! Nike! Nenikekamen!” “Victory! Victory! Rejoice, we conquer!” 490BC. Pheidippides, a messenger, finally arrives at the [...]

It’s uniquely your challenge. And your reason why.

When it comes to running, everyone is engaged in a solo battle. Whether the athlete [...]


“It’s the greatest race you’ve never heard of: the Hakone Ekiden. Lots of races may [...]

Still waiting for the change

Just after 11.30am on 5 November 2006, Samia Akbar took a last right turn in [...]

enough is enough

I ran every night in the dark and had felt pretty comfortable. A man blocked [...]

Turning Point

First the suspicion, then the revolution. Fifteen years ago, a young Catalan runner shook up the [...]