Running is famously a simple activity with few requirements. But one element we believe is absolutely essential is somewhere safe – and ideally pleasant – to run. That is why we have always tried to be as kind to the environment as possible.

From day one of Like the Wind we have used paper that is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and comes from renewable, sustainable sources. We also insist on working with printers who are at the forefront of sustainable practices in putting ink on paper (there is more on that below). Additionally, we started LtW with a business model that minimises waste: traditionally publishers would print many times more copies than they knew would sell and ‘distribute’ them to newsagents, who would sell a few (often half or less of the copies they received) and throw away the rest. Like the Wind is primarily sold directly to our readers and so we print what we know we will sell, meaning very little waste. We also do our best to use local writers and photographers for features so that we aren’t flying people around the world to create the stories in the magazine.

Despite all that we have done, we know there is more we can do. So we are announcing two new initiatives; one is to contribute to carbon reduction and the other is planting more trees than we use in the production of the magazine.

Starting on 22 April 2022 – Earth Day, here’s the Like the Wind climate pledge:

  1. For each tree that is used in making the magazine, we will plant 3 trees. We’re doing this via Active Giving which is partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project. Each tree will cost Like the Wind €1 plus a 5km run – which Simon our editor will run on behalf of team Like the Wind on Active Giving 😊.

    The Eden Reforestation Project operates in nine countries, planting nearly 1 million trees per day. The project has kept up this rate in the face of civic unrest, extreme weather, wild animals and other disruptions. As the trees establish themselves the forest canopy repairs itself generating leaf litter, improving water quality and encouraging wildlife to return. Meanwhile, local communities, facing poverty are given new economic self-sufficiency opportunities, improved health and education. The funds from Active Giving are being used in Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Haiti, Central America and Brazil. 

  2. We’ll also donate 1% of every sale paid by credit card to the Stripe Climate Pledge – which funds carbon removal projects. This will not affect the purchase price as it’s taken from our revenue – not added to what you pay for the magazine. You don’t need to do anything: it’s automated.

Our aim is to always improve what we do at Like the Wind – including the quality of the writing and imagery in the magazine, the design and the production. We know what we are announcing on Earth Day 2022 is a small step. But as with running, we believe all the small steps aggregate into something much bigger. If you want to find out more or make suggestions for how we can continue to improve, please drop us a line.