Kept within our pages is the soul of running. An insight into its very spirit. The emotions experienced on a run are bled into words. Like the Wind Running Magazine: It’s not how to run, it’s why we run.

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Like the Wind running magazine is a collection of contributed stories from everyday people, revolving around the primary theme of running. These stories will draw you deep within the world of running, into its very soul. They will bring you up mountains and drag you across deserts. These stories will take you on journeys through the tornado of emotions that mankind experiences during marathons. These stories will have you searching for your own boundaries and make you question on whether or not you can push them.

Why our readers read Like the Wind:

  • Quarterly independent running magazine
  • 116 pages of quality writing and stunning original illustrations
  • Sustainably printed on matte paper
  • We ship worldwide

Being a good runner isn’t dependable on how fast or far you run, it’s about how hard you try. And that is the foundation that our magazine lays on. So we invite you to join our community of runners – to share tales and experiences of running with each other that are all captured within the pages of our magazine.

“LTWM is the Steve Prefontaine of all running magazines. The best of the best. You would make me very happy with the set.”
Twitter / @adamduplooy
“Because sometimes running is shit, and all the other magazines out there are scared to admit it. But you’re not.”
Instagram / @davidtraxler
“It’s like having a chat with friends in a warm country pub talking about all the things you think, see and hear while running trail”
Facebook / Cameron Kirkwood


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Like the Wind iconic running stories

Like the Wind iconic running stories