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Opportunities for excellence

Like the Wind visited On’s youth training camp in the Swiss town of St Moritz [...]

Head in the clouds

Nils Altrogge is On’s head of technology innovation. He joined in 2015 as the thirtieth [...]


Racing on a track is an idea almost as old as civilisation itself. The ancient [...]

On x LtW: Thunder on the Mountain

At the heart of all great brands lies a desire to affect change. This change [...]

On x LtW: Over and Over Again

Of course, trail experiences are enhanced – perhaps they are only possible – in a [...]

On x LtW: A Million Dreams

This story first appeared in Issue #32 of Like the Wind On is in the [...]

On x LtW: Take It to the Limit

At the end of the film Solace, produced by On, ultra runner Karel Sabbe says [...]

On x LtW: Sustainable at Heart

In partnership with On – ‘Sustainable at Heart’ was first published in Issue Thirty of [...]