Be part of the LtW #runculture contribution

Like the Wind is on a mission to make running available to anyone, regardless of gender, culture, race, geography etc. A big part of how we translate that into the magazine since 2014, is to work with illustrators who help us bring our stories to life.

To honour the work that has been put into those illustration, and to spread the word and the #runculture beyond the pages of Like the Wind magazine, we are extending our shop to offer more museum-quality prints, and some choice merchandising (t-shirt, bags, hats – range will expand).

Like the Wind takes care of all product design, marketing, production and order fulfilment, and artists featured on the product get 30% of the profit. The profit margin varies for each product (and for specific locations), but as an indication, you could earn £4.80 on a print, £2 on a mug, £3 on a t-shirt, £2.50 on a tote bag etc.

This programme is not only open to previously submitted artwork/photography, but to new designs that you want to submit. Just remember that the LtW spirit is all about Why we Run, not How to Run.

If you are interested to submit a design, please fill the form and consider the following:

  • Prints artwork to be uploaded as an either A2 (preferable) or 30x40cm (if artwork not high enough res for A2) jpg or pdf, at 300 dpi, with 3mm bleed all around. Both landscape or portrait are OK.
  • T-shirt / mug / tote bag artwork to be provided as a transparent, pdf file of any size. Preferably in two modes: dark (for white/light items) and light (for black/dark items)
  • Naming convention: Artwork needs to be named as follows: LastName_FirstName_Title_ followed by anything that describes the product (eg print) or the colour scheme. (believe us when we say that in 2022, we still receive way too many artworks named Likethewind-final-v2-highres.jpg. Please step in our shoes and help us make this a thing of the past 😂) 
  • Participation form: For each artist/illustrator, we need one form (you don’t need to repeat this for every artwork you submit). This gives us the right to use your artwork, and allows us to have your contact and payment details. Please fill this here.
  • You will be asked to sign the Terms & Conditions – you will find those below

We hope that this is something of interest to you; as you know we are not a big corporation, and so we welcome any feedback on this (as it’s a first for us, and we certainly don’t want to inadvertently do something that might not be cool!). So any questions or ideas, please drop Laura, production manager, or I (Julie) a line

Many thanks,

Like the Wind co-founder and art director


LtW #runculture royalties programme: Terms and conditions:

  • The LtW #runculture Royalties Programme is managed by Like the Wind Media Ltd (thereafter “LtW”). It allows illustrators, graphic designers, photographer and other visual artists (thereafter “the artist”) to earn royalties on products sold by LtW that are featuring the artist’s work;
  • Participation is open to any artist, and requires filling the participation form and uploading the artwork in the correct format (see above); work submitted through different platforms will not be considered;
  • Only the artist’s own work can be uploaded – copyright infringement will be pursued in court, and the artist is responsible to ensure that none of their art is infringing any copyright or GDPR law (eg for use of existing imagery in a collage, or for photography that depicts people who can be recognised)
  • Copyright remains with the artist, who gives temporary exclusive license to LtW;
  • The artist can rescind the license in writing (email) at any time, giving 3 months notice for LtW to take the product off the shelves;
  • Submissions do not automatically give artists a right to be published – Like the Wind reserves the right to select and publish only the work that it deems suitable;
  • The artwork may be used on any support deemed suitable by LtW (for example on a print, on a mug and a t-shirt)
  • The products may be sold not only on, but on various retail websites (for example Etsy, Amazon or partner retailers)
  • Royalties are currently fixed at 30% of the profit margin; this may change at 30 days notice and the artist will be notified by email;
  • The profit margin is calculated on the basis of the admin, production, marketing and fulfilment costs; the 30% royalties will be calculated on the profit that is left after deduction of those costs;
  • Royalties will be calculated every calendar quarter, and will be communicated and paid within 30 days of the quarter ending;
  • The minimum amount to be paid is £50; if the minimum is not reached, the royalties will roll over to the next quarter;
  • Contact is exclusively by email.