Ode to the “Kilometre-effort”

Visualise races based on their ‘effort-kilometers’ - a measure of cumulative distance and elevation. Click on a triangle to see the details of a race.

How do you measure a race effort? Was my race more difficult than yours? Do I deserve to brag more about my 100 miler than about your 100 miler? Our creative director Julie Freeman is Swiss. "When I moved to England, I had no idea that the concept of 'effort-kilometre' is not universal." In Switzerland, it is used to measure a route's 'effort' by combining its distance with its positive elevation. Although very simplistic, the resulting measure correlates quite nicely to the race's course record.

Design by Julie Freeman, interaction by digital artist and data visualization engineer Nikita Rokotyan. Nikita creates enriched data-driven experiences exploring visual beauty of information and algorithms.