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“My name is Steven Lutz, but even my wife calls me Leon. You should too. I’m a parent and a runner. On really good days, I manage to be fairly decent (it’s all relative) at both. If you are either or both and enjoy and/or struggle with the challenge of juggling those two roles along with everything else in life, I’d love to hear from you and have you hear from me.”

Humble Husband, Proud Father, Hack Writer, Gear Peddler, Trail Shuffler, and Beard Cultivator

We originally came across Leon’s article on the website iRunFar, a great source of inspiration, with a focus on trail running

“…For providing me with that second kind of balance, trail running should be given significant credit. Rather than serving as an escape, my time spent running and exploring keeps me from getting dizzy and losing sight of all that there is to love in a sometimes crazy world. I may lose my physical balance, take a misstep and fall while running, but the rest of life seems to spin a little less out of control thanks to my time spent on the trail…”

“All of that perspective is a wondrous benefit of running so much, but it isn’t the honest answer to your question. The answer, getting back to myearlier point, is joy. Innocence, sadly, is fleeting. Unrestricted movement and an unfettered engagement of the senses with nature are the closest I’ve come to reclaiming innocence and restoring the naiveté that makes each new discovery a miracle. Being outside is on its own nearly enough, but coupling the outdoors with running gets me all the way there. When I run, I am not jaded. When I run, all that I see, hear and feel is seen, heard and felt anew, experienced for the first time. For the first time, every time.”


You can read the full article here: Why do you have to run so much, daddy?