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Writing and Running with Rose George

LtW Notes Interview: Rose George Like the Wind exists to tell stories about running. So we are always delighted to meet people at the intersection of storytelling and running. Rose George is one such person. Rose has written for the Guardian, Independent, New York Times, London Review of Books as well as for Like the Wind. She is also the […]

Reinhard Kleist: An Olympic Dream

An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist – Introduction by Simon Freeman This story first appeared in issue #9 of Like the Wind Samia Yusuf Omar was born in Somalia in 1991, the first of six children. Born into poverty and part of one of the country’s minority ethnic groups, Samia had to overcome many barriers on the […]

Seba Vandermolen: Via PanAm

Words by Seba Vandermolen This story first appeared in Like the Wind #13 Belgian ultra-runners Weking Van Reeth and Sebastiaan Vandermolen decided to cross the American continent from north to south, with their wives following them in self-built 4×4 campers. Like the Wind caught up with them halfway through their journey in Panama City to […]

LtW & Alexis Berg: Running Through History

Running Through History – A Like The Wind feature on the Mount Gaoligong Ultra Photography by Alexis Berg This story first appeared in Like the Wind #14 Through the foothills of the Himalayas and around some of China’s most biodiverse forests, a new ultra race burst on to the racing calendar at the end of 2016. With […]

Gavin Boyter: Border Crossings

Border crossings Words and Photography by Gavin Boyter This story first appeared in issue #18 of Like the Wind On 13 May 2018 I became, briefly, an illegal immigrant in Romania. A stern and professionally displeased border patrol officer shook his head at my proffered British passport and sent me back the way I’d run. “No […]

Bob Becker: Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son Words by Imogen Lees and Bob Becker Photography by Alexis Berg “The experience was so emotional. I tend to be emotional anyway but this was way beyond that.” Most runners feel heightened emotions during a race, especially when we’re physically trying so hard to achieve our best. But when that physical […]

Marcus Ryder: What a difference a day makes (or, how I became an elite athlete for 24 hours)

Words by Marcus Ryder – Illustration by Natasha Smith This story first appeared in issue #16 of Like the Wind I love reading Like the Wind. Writing a piece in the magazine is a real honour because I see all of us reading Like the Wind as being part of a special community. I know […]