As we approach the end of the year and many people take some time off from the daily grind, it feels like a great opportunity to reflect on what the last 12 months have brought us. So we thought we would take a moment to do that for Like the Wind magazine and also offer a peek at what we have planned for 2024.

There have been many highlights for LtW in 2023, but it is possible to overlook the fact that – apart from anything else – we have published another four issues of Like the Wind magazine. That brings us up to 38 editions in total. In the four editions this year we have published 90 stories (excluding features with our brand partners – more on that in a moment) alongside several hundred photographs and illustrations. As always, we want to publicly thank all the writers and artists who have contributed to make the magazine so special.

Talking of brand features, we have been fortunate to have five great partners this year: New Balance, On, Diadora, The North Face and Stance have helped to make the magazine possible with their generous support. They have also given us the chance to create even more great stories.

And the most important part of Like the Wind is the readership. Because of course, without people reading – and collecting – the magazine, there would not be much point. We’re grateful for every person who subscribes or buys a copy, gifts a copy to a runner in their life or tells someone who they think would enjoy LtW, about the title.

One of the most exciting occurrences at Like the Wind was the launch of LtW Japan. We always knew there was a vibrant and passionate running culture in Japan. But as an English language title, the number of readers there was far below what the interest in running would suggest was possible. The solution came in the form of Kiyo Fujishiro – an experienced publisher and passionate runner – who became our partner this year. With Kiyo at the helm, we were able to create a magazine that is clearly part of the LtW family and at the same time distinctly Japanese. The response, after just one issue, has been phenomenal.

This year was also the year that LtW co-founders Julie and Simon went full time with the magazine. For almost a decade, Like the Wind was a passion project that a small team worked on in their spare time. At the start of 2023, Julie and Simon decided to take the plunge and make LtW their full-time project and with that, the plans for the magazine have really grown.

So what does the future hold?

One of the foundational beliefs at LtW is that running is universal. Or at least it should be. So we will continue to tell stories about – and champion the idea of – running being something that everyone has the right and opportunity to do. More than ever we’re also committed to exploring running culture around the world, whether that is on the track, trail or road. We believe that it is through people’s stories, that we can truly understand the importance and value of running. Hence our strap line ‘It’s Why We Run’.

In March 2024, we will publish the 10th anniversary issue of Like the Wind. It is hard to believe that a decade has passed since we held the first copies LtW#1, hot off the press, in our hands. And we feel deeply grateful to be able to celebrate this milestone.

The 10th anniversary issue will not only contain the usual mix of stories from around the world of running, but we will take a look back on the last 10 years. What has changed – for better and worse – in running since 2014?

We will also use the anniversary to get back to one aspect of Like the Wind that we love – meeting runners face-to-face. There will be anniversary parties in various locations around the world (keep your eyes peeled for details coming soon).

Our other big focus for 2024 is expanding the LtW community in the USA. From our many experiences in the US we know there are runners and running communities dotted all over the great country who are as passionate about running and stories as we are. So we will be making a concerted effort to bring LtW to them.

We’ll wrap this up by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of LtW in 2023. This magazine is for you and we’re forever grateful for the continued support. Happy running everyone!

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