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It’s uniquely your challenge. And your reason why.

When it comes to running, everyone is engaged in a solo battle. Whether the athlete [...]

Double Edition: Like the Wind #39 and Anniversary Issue #40 Available to Order

Back in 2014, when no one had heard of super shoes and marathon queen Tigst [...]

It’s About Time

Like the Wind is not in the business of giving training advice. But one commonly [...]

The year that was … and will be.

As we approach the end of the year and many people take some time off [...]

What a Difference a Day Makes (or, How I Became an Elite Athlete for 24 hours)

Only the most talented runners receive star treatment. But what if, by some quirk of [...]

Facing the Elements

Words by Stefanie Bishop – Photography by Brian NevinsThis story first appeared in Like the [...]

Great Is The Victory, But The Friendship Of All Is Greater

The marathon witnesses competition and camaraderie. There’s no better example than the first London marathon [...]

Cross Country with Rickey Gates

Running can provide experiences, self expression, emotional healing and more. It’s just that unlike Rickey [...]

Seba Vandermolen: Via PanAm

The long run is a fixture in most runners’ weeks. But how long is long. [...]