Like The Wind Pop-Up Running Gallery
Storytelling at the launch of LtW#1

Like the Wind is not in the business of giving training advice. But one commonly accepted piece of wisdom is that if you want to become a better runner, it takes time.

The same can be said for being an independent publisher of running stories.

Getting started with a running magazine

Like The Wind Magazine - A trip to printer

Ten years ago – in February 2014 – we hosted a party for the running community to reveal the first issue of Like the Wind magazine. Up to that point, the whole project had happened in something of a blur. In just a few months, we’d commissioned writers, photographers and illustrators, learned how to design and layout magazine pages, set up a website and social channels and started pre-selling the magazine.

The first edition of LtW was basic, to say the least. But it existed and that night was one of the most exciting we had experienced.

Ten years later

Now, a decade later, we are celebrating forty issues of the magazine. And we are going back to the same venue to do that with a birthday party.

So what has happened in the last 10 years? Well, for one thing we now have many more readers and subscribers than we did when we started. The quality of the stories has improved massively. As has the design of the magazine.

But some things remain the same.

We are still dedicated to exploring the culture and history of running as well as social issues through the lens of running. We still publish long form stories, photo essays and illustrations. The magazine is still printed on sustainable paper by a printer with the highest possible environmental accreditations. And we still ship copies straight to our readers wherever they are in the world.

The 10th anniversary party is going to be a chance to celebrate all the best aspects of running and storytelling. We hope you will join us. Tickets are available here.

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