We all know the feeling. You’ve finished your session and the watch says it’s gone well. You’ve done what you set out to do. But something just doesn’t seem right. You should be exhilarated, but you actually feel like your feet weigh a ton. You unlace your shoes and suddenly all becomes clear: bunched-up, sweat-soaked socks.

Runners talk about shoes all the time – we can’t really help it. But the fabric between your shoes and your feet is arguably even more vital to achieving running happiness.

“Socks are super important as barriers to the friction that occurs between your feet and the shoes, especially on longer runs,” explains Cheyne Austin Stroner, director of development at Stance. “It doesn’t matter how good these shoes are getting – and they are – socks are still meant to allow an easier glide on the empty spaces between your foot and shoe. In addition, we sweat when we exercise, so having something there to absorb the moisture will help reduce blisters and discomfort, and hopefully the longevity of your shoes.”

Stance FreshTekTM is an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking wash designed to keep you feeling fresh and dry for life on the move. It uses a speciality finish which eliminates the bacteria that causes odours and wicks away moisture so that you stay comfortable whether you’re running, walking or in the gym.

The inspiration for FreshTekTM came from both the existing market and the thoughts and needs of the Stance team themselves. “We look at end-use goals and see what may be either missing from the market or what is in the market but could be improved,” says Cheyne. However, the practical input from Stance staffers is crucial. As Cheyne explains: “We are athletes and put all new product through extensive wear testing, so in that sense we are creating product that works for us.”

Stance is known for technically advanced socks that also look great, so which comes first when it comes to designing new hosiery – the look or the function? “There is a ton of work that goes into both, so I would hate to discredit either!” says Cheyne. “We strive for function and durability, even in our more soft and casual socks, but when it comes to performance, we are laser-focused on adding cushion, support, and impeccable design where it counts. We are always reading the market’s needs and offering different cushions and functions for various activities. And if we can make you look good while doing so, then we have accomplished our goal.”

FreshTekTM has been specifically designed for an active lifestyle and allows you to experience a freedom of movement without compromise. There are three key benefits for runners, as Cheyne outlines. “FreshTekTM offers moisture and odour control, as well as thermoregulating properties that keep your feet feeling good mile after mile.”

Of course, FreshTekTM is just one part of the construction of a Stance sock. “Stance combines FreshTekTM with our Infiknit heel and toe in our running and performance socks, which not only means you get all the FreshTekTM benefits, but the added durability from our proprietary filament nylon blend ensures that your toes are staying in the socks, and that you can run that extra distance without worrying about your socks falling apart,” Cheyne explains. “This is something we are very proud of, and you can read more about that in our All-Good Guarantee.”

Keeping your feet comfortable in your shoes is crucial for contentment and performance, and Stance have created something that works for all runners. As Cheyne says: “No one on the team wants wet or stinky feet, so sometimes things like FreshTekTM just make sense.”

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