Whilst running in the Alps on their honeymoon, Like the Wind founders Simon and Julie came up with the idea for a unique running magazine that would share stories of why people run rather than focusing on how to run. Almost two years and hundreds of stories, illustrations and photographs later, we went back to our roots to launch issue #6 (available here) in Chamonix during the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

8c1c1e5e-e5a7-4943-a16c-edbd48d3e63cWe love hosting events and we found the perfect venue for our launch – the Bighorn Bistro. The team there are all runners and they welcomed the runners with great craft beers and a non-alcoholic punch for those taking on the TDS the following morning. It was a pleasure to reveal our very special embossed Chamonix-themed front cover to a room full of runners and to our Periscope viewers online. Once again the response – in person and on our social media feeds – was fantastic and we particularly enjoyed watching people realise that the cover held a surprise!

As is the case with so many endurance sports athletes, we are never satisfied so we decided that we would also host an ‘after party’ for everyone who was racing during the week.

On the night we welcomed everyone from race winners to the unfortunately injured, first timers to UTMB legends, each with their own story of what was an amazing week it had been. Whilst they drank the bar dry(!), we made sure to collect some stories and you can see a few of our favourites here.

a62ddf23-4cee-4e57-8f57-0baf75db954cSo thank you to everyone in Chamonix who made our visit such a pleasure. We never imagined that just about two years after we came up with the idea for Like the Wind we would be back where it all started celebrating the launch of our sixth edition. Merci Chamonix!

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