In Like the Wind issue #25 we talk about optimism. Because right now it feels as though the world could do with a dose of positivity…


We are very excited to have an exclusive from photographer and storyteller David Bracetty – the 4 Years Ago project. Looking back on the US Olympic trials in 2016 and the experiences of the athletes competing for a place on the team for the Games, this is a photographical and written treat. We are delighted to be collaborating on this project with The Morning Shakeout podcast – check out their interview with David Bracetty here.

We discover the story of the New York Pioneers Club, founded in the 1930s as a place for Black and Jewish athletes to train, compete and educate themselves. During the history of this extraordinary organisation it contributed to the Black Power movement, challenged anti-semitism and re-wrote the rules of road running, changing the face of marathons forever.

We also talk to the Running Charity about the work they do – with running at its heart – to support young people in the U.K. struggling to find a place in society.

Plus many more stories from runners all over the world, beautiful illustrations and striking photography.



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