Running… the deceptively simple act of moving forward, which in reality means something different to every runner – and reader.

Once again we’re thrilled to share running stories from around the world in the latest edition of Like the Wind. Our printed pages play host to a huge spectrum of experiences and geographies, ranging from the stunning lakes and mountains of the Epirus region of Greece to the pinewoods of north-western Scotland’s Atlantic coast to the dry desert highways connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

On the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, acclaimed writer AK Clemmons and photographer Derrick Waller spend time with the Prolyfyck Run Creww, an inspirational group that has created a truly diverse, inclusive space where runners are seen and supported, and social injustices are recognised and addressed.

Meanwhile, at a track in the north of England, Matthew Dixon beautifully describes the shared trials, emotions and aspirations of a shared club efforts session. Plus, author Gavin Boyter follows a childhood hero to a Scottish beach; in Portugal, Gonçalo Santos explains why he’s actually grateful to Covid-19; and in those Greek mountains we mentioned above, Nick Herbert writes passionately about the European refugee crisis.

Back across the Atlantic, the stakes are high as the Ivy League’s Hep track championships resume following the pandemic. Writer Sheridan Wilbur and photographer Joe Hale are trackside in New York with the students who are expected to be the best both academically and in the athletic arena.

A little further west, Like the Wind editor Simon Freeman catches up with the determined, and possibly foolish, racers taking on The Speed Project Solo, covering the 340 miles between Venice Beach and Vegas.

PS: for each tree that is used in making the magazine, we will plant 3 trees. We’re doing this via Active Giving who are partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project. We’re also donating 1% of every sale paid by credit card to the Stripe Climate Pledge – which funds carbon removal projects.

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