Dean Karnazes

Dean was named by Time magazine as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential People [...]

A sneak peek into the Leon Lutz’s article

Just an update to say that we had an incredible launch, and have received some [...]

Issue 2 is out!

After months of preparation, illustration and editing, we’re delighted to announce that issue 2 has [...]

A Sneak Peek inside the Like the Wind Issue #1

The very first article you can find in our debut Issue of Like the Wind [...]

Coreen Steinbach

An avid runner, Coreen is drawn to the beauty of movement and the vibrant colors, [...]

Feedback on the first Issue

Now that issue #1 of Like the Wind has been in the hands of those [...]

A trip to the printer…

Like the Wind magazine took another huge step towards becoming a reality on Thursday when [...]

Printing comes to pass

Like the Wind was only a concept six months ago – an idea. A twinkle [...]

First submissions for Like the Wind

It is a really exciting time at Like the Wind! We are starting to receive submissions [...]

Reuben Tabner

Reuben is a runner, a biker, a surfer, a seeker of adventure, an endurance athlete… [...]