Like The Wind Magazine - Become A ContributorLike the Wind is all about stories about running. We believe in the power of stories to motivate, move and inspire, whether the reader is a seasoned elite runner or a complete beginner.

We are looking for stories from every type of runner, about everything that makes them a runner: stories that capture everything that is epic, challenging and emotional about running as well as personal stories that tell the reader something about the writer.

What sorts of things should you write about?

Well we know that runners are runners all the time, so it can be about anything: a race that went well or was a catastrophe, an amazing view on a training run, the frustration of an injury, the minutiae of a local recovery run or a discovery that changed your running. It could be about a breakthrough moment or what it feels like to run a distance for the first time or setting a personal best. Or it can be about the freedom of running with no time constraints at all. We are looking for stories that runners the world over can relate to.

Actual requirements

In terms of what we are actually looking for, words and images in any combination will work for us. Simply contact us and tell us what you are thinking about.

If you are writing a story then anything from 500 to 1500 words would be fine for us and we are happy for the contributions to take any form: poems, essays, journals, features, interview, reportage… we are happy to talk about any ideas that you have. If you are supplying photographs, they need to be a minimum 300dpi.

What we can offer

At this stage of the magazine’s development we can’t pay contributors and we don’t pay ourselves either. What we can promise is that contributors will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their work in print and knowing that it is being enjoyed all over the world. If you are happy to continue on this basis, we would love to read or see the amazing tale you have to tell.

Please feel free to get in touch about any ideas or questions you may have, or to send us a draft to read.