Like the Wind Running Magazine Cover 29 Stefanie Bishop FKT photo by Brian NevinsLike the Wind is about why we run, not how to run. We publish stories that motivate, move and inspire readers around the world who love running for their own particular reasons.

We welcome contributions from every corner of running; about road, trails and track; from runners young and old; from elite competitors to those who run just for the love of it.

What should you write about?

The diversity of runners and running is reflected in the stories we publish, so there really are no restrictions. Whether you want to write a personal anecdote or a long-read feature on a topic that has running at it’s heart, we’d love to hear from you.

There are certain aspects of running that we feel deserve more coverage, so if you have a story about any of the following, we are keen to hear from you;

  • Young people: we believe that running is a great way for young people to create social connections, improve their physical and mental health and learn about the world. So any stories that involve youth runners are very interesting.
  • Under-represented groups: since issue #1 of LtW we have tried to tell stories of people who aren’t usually visible in the mainstream press, whether that is because of gender, ethnicity or any other reason. We want to provide a platform to tell these stories.
  • Social issues: political, environmental, economic and health issues often manifest themselves in the world of running. We are always on the lookout for stories that tackle these sorts of issues through runners’ stories


You don’t need to be a professional writer to be published in Like the Wind magazine. Imogen, our co-editor, says that it’s common for contributors to lack the initial confidence to write. She recently told a budding contributor that “even if you think ‘but I can’t write’… well, you can run, so you can do ANYTHING. We’ll work with you to create the best copy we can, making sure your story is told in your authentic voice.” We will take your words and help you make the ready for print.

To get started, you can send us a few paragraphs to give us an idea of what your story is about. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can to let you know if we would like to publish your story. Simply contact us and tell us what you are thinking about.

If you are writing a story then we’ll agree the length with you and we are happy for the contributions to take any form: poems, essays, journals, features, interview, reportage. If you are supplying photographs, you need to have the rights for us to publish them (e.g. race photographs typically cannot be published in print) and the images need to be a minimum 300dpi – else we will commission one of our talented creatives to illustrate your story.

What we can offer

Currently we don’t have a budget to pay every contributor. Where we can’t pay, we promise the satisfaction of seeing your work in print and knowing that it is being enjoyed all over the world. If you are happy to continue on this basis, we would love to read or see the amazing tale you have to tell.

Please feel free to get in touch about any ideas or questions you may have, or to send us a draft to read.