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Whether you’re into trail running, road running or ultra running, we’ve got you covered with inspiring running stories that will motivate and move you. With 10 years and over 40 issues, Like the Wind has become a cornerstone of running culture. We see it as repository of running inspiration, an archive of stunning running photography and creative illustration.

Here is a tiny sample of some of the topics that we’ve addressed in over 700 running stories that we have published so far:

  • A personal letter to a runner gone missing in the woods
  • A humorous take on being last at a trail running race
  • A heartbreaking report on the situation in Afghanistan for female runners
  • An essay about the sustainability of running shoes
  • The funny question of etiquette about dropping running mates during an ultra running race
  • … and so many more

Matt Green, one of our readers, says that Like the Wind is “a publication that knows the meaning of quality, a joy to own, read and keep.” Another reader, Wayne Malcolm, calls LtW ‘quite simply a fantastic literary journal about running.”

According to our editor and founder, Simon Freeman, “Like the Wind is about why we run – not about how to run.” As such, you won’t find recipes, product reviews or running tips and training advice in our pages.

Our independent running magazine is made by runners, for runners. We are a small team of passionate and dedicated writers, photographers, illustrators and helpers. Our printer uses sustainable matte paper, and we ship Like the Wind worldwide since 2014. We hope that you join the Like the Wind family. Happy running!