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Leon Lutz: Why Do You Have to Run So Much, Daddy?

This piece was featured in issue #1 of Like the Wind Magazine. Words and photography by Leon Lutz (& Lily). My dear Lily (and your little sister, Piper Bea), If I’m being honest – and for the sake of both you and Piper Bea, I must and will be – I’d seen the question in […]

Post Race: Finding Your Legs (Again)

It’s post race, you’ve nailed the finish, and got yourself a new PB. However now your legs probably feel either extremely stiff or a lot like jelly. Injured or not, your body and mind might are out of sync. In order to recover you’ve got to re-establish harmony between the two. Once you’ve completed a […]

Contributor Spotlight – Fonzy Nils

We are hugely grateful to the contributors that help us make each edition of the magazine. Without their imagination and generosity LtW wouldn’t exist. Our thanks go out to the writers, but also to the illustrators who create the beautiful images that accompany our stories. One of those people is the very talented Fonzy Nils, whose work we featured in Like the […]

Illustrator Spotlight – Luke Waller

Like the Wind Issue 5 Available for Pre-order

As you might know, Like the Wind is all about stories. But the words are only part of what makes the magazine such a great project to work on (and we hope such a great title to read). The illustrations which accompany the pieces are an equally crucial element. Illustrators make a huge contribution to […]