It’s post race, you’ve nailed the finish, and got yourself a new PB. However now your legs probably feel either extremely stiff or a lot like jelly. Injured or not, your body and mind might are out of sync. In order to recover you’ve got to re-establish harmony between the two. Once you’ve completed a mentally and physically challenging race, one of the hardest things to do is Finding Your Legs (again)’.

How Jennifer Weatherly Found Her Legs Again

Our latest issue features a story from writer and runner Jenni Weatherly who shares with us how a serious knee injury post-marathon disrupted her love for the sport. From 2004 until 2014 running was her everything. Starting out as a sprinter, Weatherly soon became a strong quarter-miler. Unfortunately, this injury forced her to cut back on running and re-evaluate her life. Jenni Weatherly writes with honesty, sharing that her love for running turned co-dependent – another reason for cutting back.

Words by Jenni Weatherly

“I developed this constant layer of stress that wouldn’t dissolve, rooted in the idea that I was never doing enough.” Weatherly admits that running became an addiction, and to fight feelings of stress she would run too hard. Ultimately affecting her performance and physical health. We are only human, we are weak. When we do anything well, running or competing, we do it with passion, but too much of even passion can make you ill.

You can read the full story here and more of her work at

About the Illustration

Kathleen Marcotte compliments Weatherly’s words with a playful and graphic illustration, featured on issue 14’s cover. Marcotte lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio, where she usually draws unicorns, birthday cakes, and all sorts of other things.

The above piece of artwork is available to purchase from our shop here and visit Kathleen’s website to view more of her work.

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