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Actively activist

WORDS BY LIKE THE WIND – PHOTOGRAPHY BY PATAGONIA What do mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain [...]

Head in the clouds

Nils Altrogge is On’s head of technology innovation. He joined in 2015 as the thirtieth [...]

The proximity of innovation

During the indoor athletics season, the 60m sprint is the blue ribbon event, holding the [...]


Peak Divide is resolutely not a race. It’s a deliberately pared-back 76km trail run (the [...]

Enchanted Trails

At its best, running takes on a spiritual quality. It becomes a moment when we [...]

Come together

the other run clubs involved throughout the UK, is exciting,” she says. “To glean some [...]


Racing on a track is an idea almost as old as civilisation itself. The ancient [...]

Leon Lutz: Why Do You Have to Run So Much, Daddy?

This piece was featured in issue #1 of Like the Wind Magazine. Words and photography [...]

Simon Wheatcroft: Running the Line

Featured in Like the Wind #1. Words by Simon Wheatcroft – illustration by Luke Waller. [...]

Scott Jurek: The Wisdom of Hippie Dan

Featured in Like the Wind #1. Words by Scott Jurek – photography by Ian Corless. [...]