LtW#1_Tearsheet_ReubenTabnerNow that issue #1 of Like the Wind has been in the hands of those discerning runners who have purchased a copy, we are starting to get feedback. And every email, tweet or Facebook massage is utterly wonderful. It tells us that people care about the magazine and it helps us to improve and make sure that issue #2 is even better.

So what has been the concensus? Well without meaning to sound as though we are blowing our own trumpet, the response has generally been very positive. We just received an email from a former European championships 5000m medal winner who said:


“Thank you for the copy of Like the Wind. I was very impressed by the quality. Terrific graphics – both the photography and the artwork, much enhanced b the quality of the paper”

And another email from a stalwart of the US ultra-running scene who wrote:

“I received it and it is terrific!”

There have been suggestions for improvements though. A couple of writers suggested that there was perhaps a bias towards ultra trail running. While another couple of readers suggested that there should be more from female runners and those in the middle of the pack.

Rest assured, we have listened to you. Now that we are starting to work on issue #2 (out in May 2014 and available to order in the shop) we are actively seeking more of what we have been told should be in the magazine. So if you have been thinking about sending in a contribution, please don’t hesitate. We are interested in all stories from all sorts of runners. You can check out the contribution guidelines here and then just contact us by filling out this form. We can’t wait to hear from you!