Like The Wind Magazine Contributor - Coreen SteinbachAn avid runner, Coreen is drawn to the beauty of movement and the vibrant colors, energy and emotion displayed at competitive events. Racing inspired her to begin painting runners in the early 1990s and she never looked back. Focusing on sports-related art helped Coreen distinguish herself early on in her career.

Much of Coreen’s work is created on commission. She is energized by her clients and thrives on the positive feedback she receives about the finished work. “It’s what keeps me going,” she says, “when I deliver a painting to someone, and their reaction shows how much they truly love it.” Even better, her paintings become family treasures, passed down to the next generation. “It’s so rewarding. It’s what I can do for someone – my contribution.”

Racing at the National and World Levels, Coreen competes for the Philadelphia-based Athena Track Club and has won numerous medals and championships at the world and national level.

You can read Coreen’s article, From The Start, on page 56 in our very  first Issue of Like the Wind.


Twitter: @coreensteinback