The very first article you can find in our debut Issue of Like the Wind is written by Reuben Taubner who we met through the Trail Running Team.  Reuben is a travelling sports photographer, ultra runner, mountain biker and adventurer.

His article is called ‘I Dream Of Running’ and here’s a short excerpt;

“…Turning a corner in the path, I long to see the summit: to see the top and an end to the climbing. But the path continues to rise up into the clouds and tricks me into thinking I am nearly there. The side of the trail is heavily populated with runners – sitting, squatting or splayed out on the grass – gasping for breath and sweating in the endless sun… I dare not join them. I dare not stop moving my legs as I’m afraid I won’t start again. So I keep my eyes forward and march ever onwards… “


Reuben Taubner - I Dream Of Running


I Dream Of Running

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