Like the Wind magazine started from very humble beginnings – two people talking whilst they ran around the Mont Blanc about how great it would be to have a magazine about the spirit of running. Once the seed had been sown, we knew that we had to make the idea a reality and so after a few months of reaching out to people, writing, editing, designing and most of all, learning, the magazine was born. At the same time it was clear that in order to give people a flavour of what we were doing and a place to buy the magazine, we needed to set up a website, fast.

Since that start, in November last year, the magazine and the community of people connected to it has grown beyond our wildest dreams. So much so, that a new website was required. We are delighted to reveal that now – a new digital home for the magazine.

We have retained many of the things that were on the original website and then added other elements that were missing. There is a new shop, a growing list of contributors, articles about the magazine and the people connected to it and information about the week long Pop-Up in central London from 27 October.

So if you are looking to support the magazine by buying a copy, a subscription or any of the other things in the shop, or you are looking to contribute to the magazine in any way, or you are just curious about what we are doing, please spend some time having a look around. We are always open to feedback so please let us know what you think.

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