One of the best running film makers in the world, Billy Yang already has an impressive list of titles to his name. Now he has created an ode to a group of American athletes who came to Europe to take on the UTMB and CCC.

In this film David Laney, Tim Tollefson, Zac Miller and Sally McRae plus a huge cast of amazing athletes and supporters, describe the preparation for – and racing of – one of the greatest trail races in the world.

We even feature in the film – check out 3min 36secs for a brief glimpse of our launch party in Chamonix where we had so many wonderful runners and readers of the magazine come to celebrate the races and LtW with us.

With incredible vistas, behind the scenes interviews and the sort of film-making that only happens when the person behind the camera knows trail running as well as Billy does, this is an uplifting, inspiring and motivating film.

We’ll be back in Chamonix this year and will be hosting the best after party in town. We might even be screening a few films – if we do this one will undoubtedly be amongst them. We’d love to see as many of you there are possible.

In the mean time, enjoy this wonderful addition to Like the Wind TV.

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