Run.Ride.Coffee. DEKA is our kind of stockist!

We recently updated our stockist list at LtW. In the UK the new issue, #8, is being carried at 14 different stores from London, to Glasgow and 6 stores around the world from Asia to the US.

In the South West of England, we are fortunate enough to be carried by DEKA in Bath. We had a chat with Laura Francis from the store to find out more about the shop and ultimately why they run!

LtW: Why do you run?

LF: I run for the sense of freedom it gives me. I find it meditative to only think about each footstep and my breath. It’s stress relief. I also love the beauty of nature and to run fast and experience more of it. I love the thrill of adrenaline I get from running downhill fast with the wind in my hair. I love the salty taste of sweat, or a sea breeze, the feel of wind and rain on my face. I like the ache in my muscles and a sense of accomplishment at the end of a run.

LtW: What’s special about DEKA?

LF: We are passionate about trail and ultra running with the largest selection of trail shoes and kit in the South West, great customer service with an enthusiastic helpful team. We aim to support independent British brands and offer a unique and eclectic hand picked selection of kit in store.

LtW: Why stock Like the Wind?

LF:  We’d been bemoaning the lack of a great magazine for running that didn’t just focus on calories and weight loss with gorgeous images and great stories and we found it with Like the Wind! We love it and Simon and Julie. We’re really pleased to have been involved with Like the Wind right from the start and we hope to continue to support the growth and bring the magazine to more readers.

LtW: What would your ultimate adventure be?

LF: I’d like to run the coast and mountains of California in a fastpacking adventure, I’m planning it as my retirement adventure!

LtW: What is your favourite running moment (either yours or historical)?

LF: For me personally crossing the line running at the end of the Race to the Stones 100k only 15 months after properly getting into running. I’m proud of myself for putting in the hard work to get there and getting through it relatively easy.

LtW: Favourite running quote?

LF: Embrace the pain! – Killian Jornet

01225 446414 //
3 Henry Street, BATH, BA1 1JS
Mon – Fri 8:30 – 5:30 Sat 9 – 6 Sun 11 – 5
W: www.wearedeka.comTW: @wearedekabath / INSTA: @wearedekaFB: wearedekabath

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