We are hugely grateful to the contributors that help us make each edition of the magazine. Without their imagination and generosity LtW wouldn’t exist. Our thanks go out to the writers, but also to the illustrators who create the beautiful images that accompany our stories.

One of those people is the very talented Jayde Perkin, whose work we featured in Like the Wind Issue #7 alongside Adharanand Finn’s article ‘Why Run’. We had a chat with Jayde about why she runs and from where she draws her creative inspiration.

LTW: Why do you run?

In March last year I moved from the UK to Berlin, and for a number of reasons we had to make the transition to work from home rather than from a studio. Personally, going running almost every day has not only kept me sane at times, it’s also a wonderful way to explore a new city and give my freelance day a sense of structure, as well as feeling healthier.

LTW: What do you think is unique about your work?

All my work is totally hand painted in one layer; I only use photoshop to tidy it up a little before sending it off to the client.


LTW: Tell us about your work that we published in Like the Wind?

The article I illustrated was really great, and it asked the question of WHY we run… To lose weight? Get fitter? Raise money for charity? Achieve our own personal goals? Or is it something less tangible than that? I was inspired by the monks of mount Hiei, who run hundreds of marathons in the hope of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

LTW: What would your ultimate adventure be?

I’d love explore some of East Asia, by foot. The hills, the mountains, the villages, the cities. Armed with the basics and my sketchbook.

LTW: What is your favourite running moment (either yours or historical)?

I used to live very close to Tempelhofer Feld, which used to be a big airport here in Berlin, but it closed as an airport in 2008 and is now open to the public as a park / community space / recreation ground. There’s something pretty amazing about running along a vast run-way when the sun is setting.

LTW: Do you have a favourite running quote?

“I just felt like running” – Forrest Gump


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