We are hugely grateful to the contributors that help us make each edition of the magazine. Without their imagination and generosity LtW wouldn’t exist. Our thanks go out to the writers, but also to the illustrators who create the beautiful images that accompany our stories. Including Amanda, aka Studio Smoking Pig! We had a chat with her this week about all things running and illustration.


LTW: Why do you run?
I can’t run well due to asthma, but I take long hikes; I love the serenity of the rhythm of your footsteps, combined with nature.

LTW: What’s special about your work?
That’s hard to answer! Hmm. I’d like to believe I create strong, bold shapes with a love for irregularities in the medium (paper, tape & computer), thus creating something that feels lively.

LTW: Tell us about your work that we published in Like the Wind.
I’ve done a few, but my favourite one so far has been the first I did, in issue 5. I loved the article (Ohana by Brendan Gilpatrick), and the resulting illustration has been one of my favourites in my entire portfolio. It came out so strong, and the shapes were exactly as I’d hoped they’d turn out.

LTW: What issue was your work published in ?
5, 6 and 7!

LTW: What would your ultimate adventure be?
Hiking in Iceland.

LTW: What is your favourite running moment.
When, during our honeymoon, my husband and I took a 4 hour hike from one town to the next, going through farmland, beautiful autumnal forests, small villages, and took a tour through a medieval castle in our town of destination.

LTW: Do you have a favourite running quote?
You don’t have to go fast; you just have to go (good for me, as I can’t go that fast, obviously!)


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