Issue 13 is on the way. Here is a special insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to create the unique running magazine that is Like The Wind.

There are two key elements on each page of Like The Wind; both words and images are equally as important to us  – firstly, the contributors who run all the miles and write up their experiences. In addition, we find the best illustrators and photographers around to perfect the presentation of each story. Images and words in perfect harmony to tell the perfect running story. The contributor and illustrator may not know each other; however, their creativities work hand in hand so that each story becomes a unique collaboration – each artist bringing their own input to the table.

We spoke to a few of the contributors and illustrators for Issue 13 to learn more about their personality, inspiration, and ambition.



Illustrator Spotlight: Craig McIntosh

  1. From where did your love of illustration stem?

It was probably a mix of three things; comic books like 2001AD, different Wargames witch I used to geek out on as a kid and the high-profile artists like John Byrne, Alistair Grey and Peter Howson whose work was predominate in Glasgow when I was growing up. These guys with a strong illustrative style would be showing at the various galleries round the city, along with having their work featured in magazines and other publications and its just stunning. With this cocktail of visual imagery I was hooked.

  1. You share a well-known Glaswegian surname, particularly in the artistic sphere. What’s your favourite thing about the art scene in Glasgow?

Probably its diversity, there is a huge amount of contemporary and traditional artists as well as a great design community. For a small city, there is a lot going on, print design is something you can see all over the place!

  1. What / who are your main influences when it comes to designing a piece?

I take a lot of influences from print, especially poster and graphic novels. But it really depends on what the brief is. As an illustrator you have do be diverse as clients and outputs can be wildly different. Depending on what the piece is for can change where you are coming from.

  1. If you aren’t drawing, what else do you like to spend time doing?

I train in Muay Thai, which is Thai Kickboxing, its something that I started after I left Art School. I love the fitness and sparing, especially with the fighters in the gym. It’s a beautifully brutal sport that has lots of tactical elements. It’s a bit different for an Artist. The look on someone’s face when you’re at an exhibition opening and you mention why you have a limp and a black eye is interesting. I find it balances out the long time that I spend drawing and in front of a computer.

  1. What is your favourite thing to draw? What are you most inspired by?

To draw, probably people, there is something fascinating about interesting characters that I love to try and capture the more quirky and different the personality the better. I’m inspired by all sorts of things. A lot of poster and print work but anything can set off and idea. I do spend a lot of time looking for interesting photographs.

  1. What do you hope to achieve with your art? 

I think what most artist want, to be able to make a living while producing what you love.

  1. How would you describe your aesthetic?

A mix of detailed drawing and line work with textural backgrounds.

  1. Favourite book / music / film

Book: The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss, geeking out here completely but it’s a stunningly written book.

Music: John Lee Hooker – Pretty much anything by this legend of the blues.

Film: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – From design to acting this is a superb film, which means different thing to me depending on how I’m feeling.


Craig McIntosh is a Glaswegian illustrator, featuring in Like The Wind Issue #13 to accompany Emily Coltman’s story, View From The Middle where she has revelled in both participating and supporting running events across the country from park runs to marathons. Check out Craig’s other artwork on his website and follow his twitter for updates!


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