Or so it would seem, according to LtW #14 contributor Patrick Leese. An amateur runner himself, he continues to be amazed by the opportunities that the movement of two legs can bring. In his piece, “Running = Life”, Leese recalls running his first 10km race back in September 2012 in Cophenhagen. The prospect of a 10km club race set near a beautiful lake on the outskirts of Copenhagen did not initially seem too challenging, and since it was not a half-marathon Leese said why not. However within the first few seconds of the race, he started to realise that a ‘mere’ 10km was so much harder than it seemed.

The Race

Leese recalls the abrupt start which “felt like a sprint” and caused his chest to feel like it was about to burst open. He considered pulling out of the race more than once. It seemed impossible to run 10 kilometres of “soul-destroying” one-kilometre marks. Luckily after the 5km mark had been passed Leese knew he was bound to finish, and when he did this race left him with more than physical pain. It left him with passion in his heart.

About the illustration

Words by Patrick Leese are complimented by the above illustration created by Luis Pinto. Pinto is a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator based in Guatemala. His work is characterised by colourful, symbolic compositions inspired by nature and popular culture. Visit Luis Pinto’s website to see more of his work.

Read more of ‘Running = Life’ in issue #14


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