“I run because it’s not easy…As long as we can suffer, feel pain, we know we’re still in the race called life.”

In issue #14, Like the Wind caught up with inspiring ultra-marathoner and exceptional videographer Billy Yang. First introduced to the medium of film through his Dad at a young age, Yang has been creating films about runners, their lives and their desires since 2008. Yang uses filmography to tell the story of elite-level athletes and entrepreneurs in the field of running. Film allows these individuals to share their story and inspire a wider audience.

His series ’15 Hours’ captures a typical day in the life of such people, and so far includes films about US ultra-running legends Brett Rivers, Anton Krupicka and Ann Trason.

You can watch videos from the series on Yang’s YouTube channel.

His films

Yang has documented races such as Sally McRae’s 100 mile race at Western States (June 2014) in his documentary Western Time. He describes this as “the most memorable and inspiring race” he shot because against all odds – a knee problem – McRae was able to pull through Green Gate (mile 79) “looking as strong as she did” [Yang].

Every year Yang releases a film that looks back on the year and speaks to the core of what drives and motivates him. He feels that his films The One Thing (2016) and One Wild and Precious Life (2015) are two of his best.

Yang’s Running Career

Yang recalls his most memorable race – the Angeles Crest 100-miler. Finishing in 24 hours and 20 seconds, Yang believes that the times where we feel pain and discomfort should be treasured just as much as the good times. For they prove that we are alive.


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