In August 2017, a team of 3 women aged 25 to 30 embarked on a quest to discover their own boundaries in an immense, wild and remote territory. They covered 100 km in a few days through the Kuururjuaq National Park, along Mont d’Iberville and crossing the famous Koroc River…

Read more on Qamaniq in LtW #15.


Caroline Côté is an adventure lmmaker and photographer living in Montreal. Filming in natural places, far away or in extreme conditions is her passion. You may meet her sailing on the Atlantic Ocean or at the top of Mount Washington with her camera,
or running ultra-distances in mountains (65 km, 85 km or 125 km) throughout Quebec. Her vision is to tell surprising facts in order to capture the imagination of the public through the power of documentary.

Illustration by I AM SAMO, a freelance illustrator with a BA degree in Illustration and Design, and a PGCE in Further Education with a specialist focus in the arts. His work is created using a combination of traditional techniques and digital image processing to produce layered and textured outcomes in a clean and linear form.

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