Would you like to run with new people, forging friendships as you pound the pavements? Perhaps you’ve never run before and are looking for a friendly place to begin your journey. New Balance Run Club (NBRC) has launched its Budapest chapter, with the aim of supporting every member to run better, stronger, and faster – and to create and nurture a friendly community of city runners.

NBRC Budapest was launched to harness the power of friends and community and to provide inspiration and encouragement. The running sessions are led by Head Coach Dora Debreczeni, one of Hungary’s most popular running and fitness personalities. The club offers a platform for newcomers and running enthusiasts alike to cultivate their current ability, regardless of level or running experience, in a friendly setting.

We caught up with Dora for a quick chat.

So Dora, how long you have been running for and what role does running play in your life?

Sports have been an important part of my life since early childhood. When my son was born, I realised sport is an area where I can fulfil myself not only in my leisure time but also professionally. I began to participate in running events, running longer and longer distances – this is how it started.

What does the NBRC mean to you?

New Balance Run Club is not just a running club, but a real team – a community where running, relaxation and a good party start! I would like to pass on the love of running and good mood to all our members. Just come and join us. I promise we will help you not only to achieve your running goals, but you will also belong to a real community and make friends. The most important part is to put on your running shoes and leave home. The rest will be pure fun (with a tiny bit of sweat), I promise you!

Could you share your top tips for someone who wants to start running?
1. Be patient! Becoming a good runner takes a while. It’s like a tree that grows strong roots over time.

2. Compete only with yourself and make notes of your results. Even a slight improvement per kilometre each year is a big deal!

3. Find running friends in a community where you can motivate each other and make running fun.

New Balance Run Club takes place every Wednesday at 18h. We meet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (a partner of New Balance Run Club Budapest). NBRC is for every runner, of all abilities.

Additional morning runs will take place during the World Athletics Championships at 7h30 between Saturday 19/8 and Sunday 27/8.

There’s no need to sign up. Just turn up in your running shoes. See you there!

“NBRC is a community where running, relaxation and a good party start”



Dora Debreczeni

Dora is an accomplished and certified running coach, with years of coaching experience. A former model, she is currently the most popular running and fitness personality in Hungary – she has graced several magazine covers and has popularised jogging and trail running among Hungarians. Dora joined New Balance Run Club Budapest as the Head Coach.

Gyula Prisznyák

A professional triathlon and running coach, Gyula works with athletes to build their endurance and stamina. He’s a passionate long-distance runner who recently completed the Vienna Marathon. Gyula joined New Balance Run Club Budapest as an Assistant Coach.

Máté Tamás

A Hungarian athlete and running coach, Máté enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for running with others. He incorporates different exercise regimens into his training programmes to help his students to reach their fitness goals. Máté joined New Balance Run Club Budapest as an Assistant Coach.

Viktoria Gyömbér

Viktoria is a swimming coach with the CoffeeRUN swim team and an online coach for triathletes, runners and trail runners. She’s a passionate runner and competes in trail races. She loves sports coaching because of the myriad positive experiences that occur during every session. Viktoria joined New Balance Run Club Budapest as an Assistant Coach.

Find out more about New Balance Run Club here.

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