Trails In Motion is a global movie tour which showcase inspiring trail and ultra-trail running short films from around the world. The main aim of the founders of Trails in Motion is to capture the true spirit of trail running through the screening of high quality short films and documentaries as well as develop an exciting social and visual experience for everyone who shares a connection with the trails. South African trail runner James Hallett founded and directed the festival and held its first showings around South Africa.

Watch Trails In Motion with us

Like The Wind Pop Up - Watch Trails In Motion in LondonWe are absolutely over-the-moon that we will be the first to showcase Trails In Motion in London! Yes, you will be able to enjoy this fine collection of trail running-related films on the big screen at our Like the Wind Pop Up in Shoreditch. But that’s not all!

In addition to the films screening you will also have a chance to take part in our Q&A sessions with extraordinaire runners such as Sébastien Chaigneau and Jez Bragg. They will talk about some of their favourite races, their approach to ultra trail races and their plans for the future as well as taking questions those people lucky enough to be there on the night.

Trails In Motion – Longer Films

An Endurance Life with Sebastien Chaigneau (Screening #1)

Sébastien Chaigneau is an endurance runner, he runs in the mountains for more than 20 hours and travels distances out of the ordinary, 120km, 160km and 200km. This athlete trains all the year for this kind of competition.
Seb will show us his daily life, his workouts, good and bad times in mountains, his feelings, motivations.

“The nature is fascinating by wildlife, at sunrise or sunset, hostile in the cold and under the rain.”

Running The Edge: The Colorado Trail (Screening #1)

Family man and ultrarunner, Scott Jaime, is preparing for the most difficult challenge of his life. His goal is to run the entire 486-mile Colorado Trail, across and over the rugged alpine terrain of the Rocky Mountains, to set a new FKT (fastest known time). The actual reward, however, is far greater.

 In the High Country (Screening #2)

This film is a year-long collaboration between filmmaker Joel Wolpert and mountain-runner Anton Krupicka exploring a lifestyle shaped by the mountains. This short film captures an impressionistic view from his roots in Niobrara, Nebraska to the Roost, his pickup truck home, and the miles in between; from glacial creek baths to speed-soloing on the Flatirons.

5 Races 5 Continents (Screening #2)

At the beginning of the 2011 trail running season Kilian set out to win five races on five continents. The lengths varied in distance, climate and altitude – from a 100 miles in the scorching heat of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the vertical accent of South East Asia’s highest mountain in Malaysian Borneo, Mount Kinabalu. Through his experience over the year, the pressures of high-end competition, sponsorship and media demands, and his unprecedented performance and success; The story was not about what he achieved, but rather what he has learnt from the experience. The film immerses itself into trail communities around the world as Kilian tries to understand the desire he has for mountains and running. Through his continued success he is forced to question his motives for running competitively.

Trails In Motion – Short Films

On top of the four documentary films, Trails In Motion includes 7 short movies (up to 8 minutes long) which we will be showing on both film nights;

  • Emilie Lecomte: GR20 Record
  • White Sherpa: Pictures of a Free Ultra-Trailer
  • Race Across the Sky
  • The Most Beautiful Thing
  • Zion Traverse
  • Mountain Runner: Sarah Ridgway
  • Trails & Tribulations

Trails In Motion Screening #1 – Saturday, 1 November 2014; 19:00 to 21:00

Our first Trails in Motion screening #1 will include two documentary films (An Endurance Life with Sebastien Chaigneau and Running The Edge) and seven short films. Your ticket includes a free drink. Places are limited!

Get your ticket now here

Trails In Motion Screening #2 – Sunday, 2 November 2014; 19:00 to 21:00

Our second screening of Trails in Motion will include  In The High Country and 5 Races 5 Continents documentary movies as well as seven short films. You ticket includes a free drink. Places are limited.

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We hope that you will join us for what promises to be a fantastic celebration of all things trail running!

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